Founded by electrical engineer, and headquartered in Altamonte Springs, Seminole County (in the vicinity of Orlando / orange County), Florida, USA, INDOR LLC is a project management firm that provides Alternative Energy solutions in many shapes and forms, standard & custom ones.

Project Management

INDOR’s alternative energy project management experts will assist you with planning, scheduling, procurement, logistics, construction supervision, commissioning, acceptance testing and as-built documentation. Ensure a smooth, well executed energy project from start to finish.

Project Economics

INDOR can effectively evaluate your entire sustainable energy project from an economic perspective. Our evaluations are "life-cycle cost" based and include government funding and tax credit opportunities that are available for you to take advantage of.

Equipment/Technology Selection

Use the power of our experience to select the right components and sustainable energy technologies for your alternative energy applications. Make decisions based on reliability, cost, expandability and efficiency.

Funding and Tax Credits

Many Alternative Energy projects are eligible for grants, tax credits or other funding incentives. INDOR will analyze the spectrum of funding alternatives that are available to you to streamline your project economics to the greatest degree possible.

Liaison with Authorities Having Jurisdiction

We will act as your liaison to municipal, state/provincial, federal and international regulatory agencies to ensure that your Alternative Energy System meets all the necessary criteria for its design, construction and operation. Ensure your sustainable energy system complies with all applicable codes and standards and launches successfully.

Operations and Maintenance

INDOR will customize Equipment Operating and Maintenance manuals specifically for your alternative energy system. Understand how your sustainable energy system works and how to keep it operating smoothly. INDOR can help you maintain your alternative fuel system through remote monitoring. This may include real-time data acquisition, systems monitoring and supervisory control, advanced warning detection and predictive maintenance scheduling, customer billing and collection, data trending and transportation and power system use analysis.